fali: cacao vegan lipbalm


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fali: cacao vegan lipbalm

This vegan, nourishing lipbalm will provide long lasting soft & luscious lips.

fali is a word in the Dagbani language of the Dagomba people. It translates to inheritance. The knowledge of shea butter processing is traditionally inherited by daughter from mother. This inheritance has allowed this practice to remain for centuries.

fali lipbalm is handcrafted with natural and vegan ingredients for a toxin-free, moisturizing experience.

Each lipbalm comes in either an eco-friendly, bamboo container or a sustainable, 100% paperboard container. 

  • How to use 100% paperboard container: apply pressure with one finger to the bottom of the container.

  • How to use eco-friendly, bamboo container: twist the bottom half of the container to the left. 

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