Beeswax Tealight Candles, 10 pack.

Mahogany Blu Design

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You can have it your, way in your color.

Each tealight is hand-poured and created with the finest eco-friendly materials. We use clean and filtered beeswax, cotton wick, environmentally friendly dyes, and essential or fragrance oils (only if you wish).

Use these tealights as replacement candlelight for your Chantilly Low Light wax exterior container and anywhere else you want to use it.

Beeswax is a great alternative to traditional petroleum-based candles that emit soot, toxins, and carcinogens into your home. Beeswax is the healthiest and the cleanest burning wax. It is a renewable source and the best wax for candlemaking.

Each tealight burns for 4hrs.

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