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The Brightening Serum is hand infused with essential oils to help hydrate, even the tone and brighten the color of your skin. It’s formulated to have a light consistency to hydrate your skin without clogging your pores! This multi-purpose oil should be used once daily. It is recommended that you use no more than 2-3 drops.

NOTE: The Brightening Serum can be used with the Essential Face Oil. But, not at the same time. Although they have non-comedogenic ingredients, too much of anything will clog your pores. I'd recommend using the Brightening Serum during the day and the Essential Face Oil at night. Don't forget -- you only need 2-3 drops. A little goes a long way.

You're two drops away from your GLOW!

Why these ingredients?

  • Sunflower Oil: Is effective against acne, eczema, scarring, redness and irritation when applied directly to the skin as an antioxidant facial oil. Sunflower oil helps retain moisture; it’s high in Vitamin E, A, C and D as well.

  • Neroli Oil: Has properties that can improve the elasticity of the skin and promote cell regeneration. Using this essential oil everyday will help you prevent the appearance of aging signs like wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation, fine lines among others.

  • Rosehip Oil: Is rich in vitamin A (street name: retinol ), which can help reduce signs of skin aging , including smoothing fine lines and thickening the dermis (deeper skin layers), making the skin feel firmer and tighter.

  • Lemon Oil: Kills bacteria that may get trapped in pores and cause breakouts. It can also clarify your skin, gently exfoliating dead skin cells that so often become trapped in hair follicle and pores. Since lemon oil has healing properties, you get the added bonus of speedier healing from breakouts and treatment of your acne scars when you use it.

It is recommended that you test on a small patch of skin prior to use. 

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